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Bananas & honey

What are you doing to pamper yourself today? Dedicate time for you, every Sunday to recharge your energy for the upcoming week. Refueling your body with fresh fruit is essential for your well-being. Feed your body well & it will treat you well in return. I personally do not like bananas but my skin & hair love them!! Loaded with Vitamins A, E & C, bananas are quite a healthy treat for your locks. Yogurt gently cleanses the scalp, removing dead skin cells, & promotes hair follicle growth. Add honey to hydrate & lock in luxurious shine.

Try a banana hair treatment & see for yourself!

Banana Honey hair treatment

In a large bowl, mash up a banana, 1/4 cup of honey & 1/2 yogurt. Mix well & apply to damp hair. Place a damp hair towel in a microwave for a few minutes. Wrap hair with hot towel & let sit for 20 minutes. Rinse well. Shampoo if needed. Discard remaining mix.

To boost color naturally, feel free to add these fruits..

Red tones - Strawberries, raspberries

Blue tones - blueberries, blackberries


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