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Amethyst, beautiful purple stones ranging from deep lavender hues to the palest of purple. Traditionally known as a spiritual stone, amethyst has a high vibration. Its energy balances & transmutes negative energy.

Amethyst is used in meditation to enhance our consciousness & awareness & increase levels of intuition. It is often used to stimulate the third eye chakra to facilitate astral projection & intuitive dreams.

Amethyst balances & connects the physical, mental & emotional bodies to the spiritual body. It cleanses the aura, balancing the chakras. It creates emotional centering, releasing one of grief, anger, rage & fear. It also aids in accepting loss.

Amethyst can calm or stimulate the mind, depending on what is needed to create balance. Traditionally worn to prevent drunkenness, amethyst has a sobering effect on overindulgence. It supports sobriety, helping to overcome blockages & addictions. Amethyst can help improve some psychiatric conditions but must not be used when dealing with schizophrenia.

Amethyst balances the physical body & all of the body’s systems. The list of benefits are very impressive. Mentally, amethyst aids in decision making, increases focus, improves memory & enhances motivation.

Amethyst is most commonly worn as jewelry or used as decorative pieces throughout the home or office. Its energy transmutes geometric stress in the environment. Amethyst is a blessing to have in your home

to create balance, harmony & wellness.

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