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A New Beginning

As 2021 comes to an end, anticipation of the new year engulfs us all. Excitement & anxiety dance together in celebration of one door closing & another opening.

2022 will bring blessings to all. Blessings come in many ways & sometimes they come disguised as challenges. As you enter the new year, embrace the new you. Allow yourself to see new perspectives. Embrace everything, even challenges as the blessings they truly are.

2022 is the year that brings loving & honoring yourself into focus. Everything that is not for your best interest will challenge you. Walk into the new year, putting your needs first. Speak your truth & walk your walk, because everyone will finally see & hear you. Keep moving forward & everything will fall into place.

Spend the new year making yourself a priority. Spend time each day, dedicated to doing something you love to do.

Spend the new year creating boundaries & learning to say no.

Spend the new year creating your dreams into a reality. Make a vision board of everything that makes you excited about life.

Make room for blessings.

Let go of anything that you no longer need. Declutter your living space & donate as much as possible.

Honor & respect yourself at all times. You are showing everyone how to treat you, by how you treat yourself.

There is no room for past pains in 2022, so drop the emotional baggage. The past hurts & pains are what made you. Time to move forward & walk into a new beginning.

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