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Deep rooted in tradition worldwide, sage is a plant that you want access to at all times. Used in healing, sage has been used for centuries. We grow it indoors and out & use it daily in our home.

Sage is an air purifier & natural air freshener. It neutralizes positive ions by releasing negative ions into the atmosphere, creating balance. A build up of positive ions due to factors such as stress & tension causes energy to be thick, heavy & stagnant. By neutralizing the energy, one will feel lighter & calm.

Physically beneficial, sage relieves headaches & sore throats, reduces pain & inflammation & supports digestive health. Sage is known to aid in protection from bacterial & viral infections.

Sage improves mental health by boosting energy, mood, & focus. Cognitive brain function can improve with the use of sage & it is used often to aid in memory retention. Benefits also include improvement with sleep & increase in alertness & even reduced depression symptoms.

Cultural tradition & practices utilize sage to heal, protect & increase wisdom & intuition. Ritually, sage is used to clear bad experiences & past traumas, as well as clearing negative energies from others. We use sage daily in our home.


Grab some dried sage & a heat resistant glass bowl. You can either burn single leaves or a bundle. Open a window or door. State intention! This is a ritual that must be respected & done with positive intentions. Your intentions may be to cleanse your space or clear & bless your energy. Whatever you intend, state it, feel it. Light your sage, blow out the flames & let the smoke flow. We smudge every room & ourselves. Try it. I am positive that you will feel the air shift.

Sage Rosemary skin tonic

Sage is wonderful addition to your beauty routine. Sage has antiseptic properties. It tones skin, soothes & refreshes & offers sun protection.

Boil water in a small saucepan & add some fresh sage leaves & fresh rosemary. Boil approximately 30 minutes, cool & strain. Add liquid to a glass spray bottle & add 1 tablespoon witch hazel. Spray on skin as needed & enjoy.

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