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We welcome July & the transformation it will bring. July is a time of intense, drastic change. This is a time of self realization.

The dragonfly brings change & rebirth, the waterlily brings peace & purity, opening one's eyes to self reflection & the joy of spirit.

Turquoise blesses one with wisdom & hope. Ruby manifests divine creativity & good fortune.

July's energies create a time where we can see through destructive & chaotic behaviors clearly. That is, if we choose. These energies will also show us our self destructive behaviors.

By choosing to see our world for what it shows us & not by what we expect it to be, we can positively harness our potential to create great abundance & change.

July brings us the personal power to create great movement & expansion. Be clear with your thoughts, feelings & beliefs by allowing yourself some time for self reflection. Concentrate on dreaming up your best life & allow the universe to provide the path to get you there.

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