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Symbolizing purity & serenity, jade is a protective stone that increases harmony with nurturing love. Attracting wisdom gathered in tranquility, jade draws in good luck.

Jade is a cleansing stone aiding in filtration & elimination within the body’s systems, healing the supra adrenal glands & kidneys by removing toxins. Jade also rebinds cellular & skeletal systems. Jade balances fluids within the body & the water-salt / acid-alkaline ratios.

Integrating the mind & body, jade promotes stability & increases self sufficiency. It releases negative thoughts & irritability. Known to soothe the mind while stimulating ideas, jade clears the energy so complex tasks do not feel so overwhelming.

The sweet, nourishing, light energy from jade balances the heart chakra, awakening hidden knowledge within, encouraging self love & acceptance.

Jade is a stone of dreams & love. It induces insightful dreams, & promotes feelings of loving protection & support.

Jade can be found in many beautiful hues, each containing their own blessings of wellness.

Green- calms nervous system, harmonizing & channeling passion

Blue- symbolizes peace & reflection, promoting inner serenity & patience

Lavender- alleviates emotional trauma

Red- stimulating & releases tension by accessing anger

Orange- stimulating & energetic, promoting joy & connections

Yellow- stimulating & energetic but mellow, creating happiness. Aids in digestion

Brown- comfortable & grounding. Aids in adjusting to a new environment

White - filters distractions & directs energy, aiding in decision making

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